Charge Across India
Travel the more unusual path through life - it's much more rewarding

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Firstly I would like to thank my lovely wife Kerstin for letting me do this trip, especially as I know she loves India.

I would also like to thank all the medical staff who have helped keep Cai alive and also the therapists who have helped him develop into the cute little boy he is today.

Thanks also go to kinderspitex, the group of home nurses without whom we couldn't have looked after him in our home and who also saved us from many sleepless nights

Now I would like to personally thank all of you who have read a little about charge and donated to the charities of Enduro India

People who have donated to the charities

Thanks to Himanshu for the first donation a very generous one to get me started thanks!

Thanks to Jon, Peter Per and Karin

Thanks to Manuela, Helena and BBP AG (Carlo)

Thanks to John, Patrick and Beat

Thanks to Tak for donating and hosting the Charity Chinese Buffet which raised over 1000 Pounds

Thanks to Clive Motorcycle Club (welshpool)

Thanks to Charles F Mcalpin, David Morris