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It seems along time ago now since I returned.

Yesterday was also a mixed emotions day, words of commiseration over the welsh defeat gratefully received Winking But that was nothing to the mixed emotions experienced in India, especially with the death of a fellow rider Chris Hallam but at least he died doing something he loved and I think its better to have really lived before its your time to die. I will try and write more about the trip, I am about to finish my book, the official book by Iain crockart on is already in my hands and has some fantastic pictures. I also have 50 plus hours of video so if any one fancies some video editing let me know.

Details of the Charity Buffet - final total £1226

I didn’t have time before to give details but now I do, The event was attended by 48 people plus Kerstin and myself, we charged 50francs a ticket for the food which raised 916 francs, Tak didn’t charge for Kerstin and myself so we added our fee to the total. Tak donated a Further 120 francs for drinks . Tak said he would donate 1 franc for every drink bought. In addition to this although few people from work attended I had a donation from the Company of 500 francs and personal donations from colleagues and pals Manuela, Beat, Patrick, John and Pia which added another 170 francs plus 132 Pounds bringing the total to avery respectable 1706 francs and £132 or with current exchange rates £1’094 + £132 = £1226 . Quite a result.

Thanks to all who donated and attended, don’t forget there is still plenty of time to add to the funds as I am still far from the £5000 target


The Charity Buffet is a Success

A big thanks to all who attended and a bigger thanks to Tak Moira and the rest of the team who provided excellent food for what despite my worries turned into a successfull event which raised over 1000 Swiss Francs


Swiss charge forum created and two more donations

The swiss charge syndrome site with forum is now complete - We have been fortunate to get a professional designer to design the logo free of charge and so now the charge flower is born, each petal representing on of the charge letters. We have also managed to get a sponsor for some flyers and set a date for the first charge meeting in switzerland.

With regard to my trip, after a glut of donations I have received two this week so a big thanks to Manuela and BBP AG for their donation.

I have also started cycling to work again after a couple of weeks break, but I did do quite a bit of manual work when it was very hot so that should help with training.

Apologies about the Chinese event - Definately now on 29th August 2010

First a big sorry about having to change the date, but that really is how life is in “charge” land, If you don’t have any idea what it is like to look after a child such as Cai and most of you won’t, you are welcome to come and try for a few hours.

We had a great holiday in Disneyland and when we came back Teia from told us of her efforts to fundraise, Kerstin is working on a swiss version of the charge syndrom website and when we have the logo finalised we will ask Teia if she cna make them for us.

But for now its Monday and back to working for a living Urgh

new logo - just need to design the T SHIRT NOW

Pasted Graphic

I am quite pleased with the new logo, it may look simple but it took quite a few attempts to get it right.

now its less that 250 days - but chinese event organised

I have started cycling to work in an effort to improve my fitness level and although I feel quite tired when I get home after the totally uphill journey, I am starting to feel it getting a bit easier. I have managed to get my first major fundraising event organised and hope I can sell 50 tickets to raise money for the charities.

The clock is counting down too fast

I Can’t believe how fast the days are dissapearing, I have been concentrating on DIY activities which means I have thought little about the fundraising for this project. We are also a bit concerned about Cai starting school, we wanted him to go to a special school half time for his education and the local school for the other half so that he mixes with the local children rather than being an outcast, but the local school is not quite so willing to take him and making everything complicated which means we may have another battle on our hands. This all takes valuable energy away from other things

less than 300 days

With the days counting down at an alarming rate I am started to get concerned about my fitness and fundraising, I had meant to cycle to work this week but the weather was bad so I couldn’t spend the needed time on my getting my bicycle ready. I had also set an initial target of raising £10 per day for the charities but with sports relief this month in the UK I haven’t been pushing for more donations.

I am thinking maybe selling quality T shirts or Tea Towels with some information about Charge syndrome - tastefully done of course.

Paypal has reactivated my account

Paypal suspended the account I created for this fund raising event because I claimed I was non profit making. I had to provide a signed letter from each of the charities before they unfroze the donations I had received. I am pleased to say that the letters were provided and now paypal has unlocked the account.

Cai has his tonsils out

In what was major operation no 8 Cai has had his tonsils removed, he is doing fine and the operation went well so we hope soon that he no longer needs oxygen in the night. I have also applied to paypal to see if I can get them to accept your donations as charity status. I was a bit quick creating my site and when I checked the charities were different for 2011, I will contact all who have donated until now to see if they wish to withdraw their donation.

website is looking much better

I am quite pleased now with the website, I need to add the paypal buttons and improve the main banner - I wish i had the more time to play with photoshop!

Paypal buttons added and a countdown timer

OK, I think thats about it for now, when I get some more free time I will tweak the site a bit more, but now I need to concentrate on other things such as work and Cai's operation next week , so please just keep donating as much as possible Winking

Getting Started for Enduro India

I have my place reserved and The website is started Read More...

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