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“When I broke down, the Macmillan nurse told me about Rainbow Trust. I contacted them immediately and felt I’d been given a lifeline” Lisa, mother of Mia. Every year 10,000 families in the UK face the unimaginable death of their child. No one expects to out-live their children. The news that your child may die shatters families.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity
Our mission is to provide family centred care for children with a life threatening or terminal illness and their families, at times of crisis. Practical and emotional support is offered from diagnosis, through treatment and following bereavement within the family home and in the community.
The pressures on a family with a terminally ill child are extreme; siblings often feel left out as the attention of their parents, family and friends focuses on their sick brother or sister; parents struggle to keep their marriages together and the sick child often suppresses their emotions in order not to cause the family any more pain.
Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity was established in 1986 to provide a unique and special service to these families, enabling them to maintain a sense of normality and to be on hand when we are needed most.
We can be contacted for support at any stage of illness and, very importantly, there is no time limit to the care we provide. We will stay with a family until they feel they can cope without our support, sometimes for several years after a child dies. Care is provided to families, irrespective of circumstance, ethnicity, social background, nationality or religion. Those who need us most are often socially disadvantaged and many are single parent families with little or no extended family support network.
No other charity or body provides the extent of professional care and consistency of contact as Rainbow Trust. Our work is a vital emotional and practical lifeline to those who turn to us. Many of the families we work with tell us we give them the strength to carry on.
How Enduro India Supports Rainbow Trust
Rainbow Trust has eight teams of Family Support Workers operating from bases across the country, these offer immediate help to families in need.
Enduro India has supported Rainbow Trust since 2003 and has to date donated more than £270,000 that’s around £40,000 every year. These incredible donations are made possible through the fundraising efforts of you the participants and they fund Bryan, the Manager of our Family Support Team based in Swindon.
Caring for a very sick child can be extremely traumatic, demanding and isolating for both the parents and the healthy siblings, Bryan provides hands on, practical and emotional support for families with a terminally ill child.
Performing a role most of us couldn’t contemplate, Bryan helps to keep the households of the families he supports running, by helping with hospital trips, performing household duties, taking the siblings to school, and looking after them when parents remain in hospital with their sick child.
In many cases Bryan provides care during the final stages of a child’s life.
“It really helped that our Family Support Worker could talk about how other families cope with similar situations, it made me feel less desperate.” Sue, mum to Daniel.
We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of Enduro India. If you would like to find out more please visit our website or contact me on 01372 220013
Sarah Tuckwell Regional and Community Fundraising Manager Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity