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Save the Children
Save the Children work flat out to ensure children get proper healthcare, food, education and protection.
We’re saving lives in emergencies, campaigning for children’s rights and improving their futures through long-term development work. We work with children in the UK and across the world. Our vital work saves and improves children's lives in more than 50 countries. Over the last year we've reached almost 6 million children.
In October 2009 we launched our largest ever campaign EVERY ONE - a global campaign to stop children from dying. We have pledged to save the lives of 500,000 children every year. By the time you finish reading this sentence a child will have died. A child whose life we could have saved. It doesn’t have to be a serious disease; rather they will have died from an illness like pneumonia or diarrhoea, with a simple cure.
This is not because it is expensive; something as simple as a clean razor blade could have prevented death of a baby from the fatal infection of an umbilical cord. In 2008 nearly nine million children did not live to see their fifth birthday. The death rate of a child born in Angola is 27 times higher than that of a child born in England.
Global Enduro is supporting our EVERY ONE project work in India. 20% of the children under-five who die each year are born in India. A cheap and effective method of reducing mortality through applying home-based neonatal care; has shown an astounding 70% reduction in neonatal mortality. We look forward to working together to save and improve the lives of children in India.
For more information contact; Joanna Soanes, Philanthropy and Partnerships – 020 70120 6474