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Adventure Ashram
"Education should be aimed at learning to live, learning to learn and learning to earn, and in that order" Dr Arun Kolhatkar.
Adventure Ashram exists to help the poorest people on the Global Enduro routes through southern India and the Himalayas to achieve a higher standard of living and to raise their expectations by providing access to better health and education. It aims to take health and social care and educational support to the heart of these communities and into remote rural villages. In some situations, it is possible to move whole communities nearer to the resources they so badly need through voluntary resettlement programmes and this is something that Adventure Ashram is working on.
The inter-related problems as specified by the World Health Organisation are predominant in these areas. For many people, access to proper medical facilities is not an option. Transport is non-existent and as daily wage earners or as subsistence farmers, villagers simply cannot afford to travel to hospitals or pay for medical care. Similarly, education is crucial to the achievement of Adventure Ashram’s objectives. Although it may not yield instant results, it is imperative to changing hearts and minds and aspirations of remote communities and to the achievement of physical, mental and social well-being of rural communities.
At the end of 2009, Adventure Ashram’s trustees sanctioned funding for an exciting new project in southern India with funding allocated to roll out over the next three years which is very much at the heart of Adventure Ashram’s objectives. The project aims to relocate remote settlements which are undergoing severe deprivation to areas where they can access basic healthcare, education, communications and transport. Work on this project will begin in 2010.
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