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Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS)
Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS), Bengaluru is a non-profitable charitable trust registered in 1984 under the Indian Trusts Act 1952. CWS is recognized as a "Scientific and Industrial Research Organization" (SIRO) by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. CWS is the chief implementation partner for research, conservation and capacity-building projects supported in India by the Wildlife Conservation Society, New York (
CWS works on the development of rigorous methods to monitor wildlife populations and also conducts training for field biologists, Forest Department staff and NGO volunteers in monitoring wildlife populations. Over the years, CWS has built a strong cadre of local conservation and research volunteers across the country. It has conducted more than 50 field training workshops in 14 sites across India in which more than 1000 volunteers including forest department staff in all states have participated. CWS training has also attracted and inspired hundreds of amateur naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts, potential wildlife biologists, wildlife activists, teachers, students and people from all walks of life. CWS has established a permanent Field Research Station near Bhadra Tiger Reserve in the Karnataka State of India to impart training in wildlife research and conservation.
The main objectives of the Trust are:
• To promote and carry out activities related to scientific study, appreciation and conservation of natural habitats and wildlife with special emphasis on ecological field studies.
• To build the capacity of individuals and institutions to conduct research in conservation science and promote science based conservation by conducting both non-formal and formal education and training.
• To aid and assist the government and civil society institutions in improving the scientific management of nature reserves, zoos and wildlife habitats in the country.
• To undertake research on all aspects of wildlife including ecological impacts of biomass extraction, industrial mining and construction projects on ecosystems and wildlife habitats.
• To promote conservation objectives by means of books, pamphlets, periodicals, brochures, audiovisual, video graphic, photographic and other communication techniques.
The funds generated by Enduro India 2011 will go to support tiger research, monitoring and conservation activities being guided by Dr. Ullas Karanth in the Western Ghats of Karnataka which is also along the route of Enduro's motor rallies. Western Ghats in Karnataka State, known as Malenad-Mysore Tiger Landscape (MMTL), and adjacent areas in Tamil Nadu and Kerala States, harbour one of the largest wild tiger populations in the world.  Dr. Ullas Karanth, Director of Centre for Wildlife Studies at Bangalore and a Senior Scientist with the New York based Wildlife Conservation Society has been studying and monitoring tigers and their prey species since1986 as well as guiding several local non-governmental groups working on tiger conservation in the region. He also serves on a number of conservation advisory bodies of State and Federal Governments. As a result of this collective work of non-governmental and governmental agencies, these wild tigers in MMTL are relatively secure and are being monitored closely using the best of science.
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