Charge Across India
Travel the more unusual path through life - it's much more rewarding

About the event

Enduro India has already established itself as the number one motorbike tour of India and is widely regarded as one of the must have biking experiences anywhere on the planet. The trip involves ten days of dawn to dusk riding through some of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring scenery and in 2011 is supporting Rainbow Trust Children's Charity, Save the Children, WCS, and Adventure Ashram.

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A little about me!

My step father used to describe me as an educated idiot, now I am a stepfather myself I can see where he was coming from. I am fortunate to be part of a big family, with 4 boys at home ranging from 15 to 2 and a fifth my eldest living in the UK

I would describe myself a swiss army knife sort of person, capable of turning my hand to most things, part of being an engineer I suppose. A long time dream has been to do the Paris Dakar, however with such a large family as well as Cai along with the realisation that cuts and bruises are taking longer to heal that event is no longer realistic, but Enduro India is possible.

I love Off Road riding and it’s the main thing I miss since moving to Switzerland from mid wales where the trail riding is fantastic, there are plenty of other nice things to keep me here though!


I have ridden in India many years ago but that was on a yamaha 100 a friend of mine brother's bike , which was probably the fastest thing on the road, but that was a quarter of a century ago, so I expect the adventure to be a fantastic event for me as well.

Looking after a child like Cai takes a lot out of you mentally and physically so I will be eternally gratefull to my wife , family and friends who are supporting me in what will most likely be my last big motorcycling adventure - its a bit more package deal than I am used to but I am sure I will enjoy it as much as anyone.

The event is for good causes, I personally couldn't ask others to contribute towards my trip, although these events do raise a lot of money that otherwise wouldn't be received by the charities so it’s not a criticism of others, just me being lucky enough to be able to fund it myself if i save hard enough!

Please donate if you can I would love to raise a fortune and solve everyones problems but that like the Paris Dakar will probably remain a dream.

Father and son