Charge Across India
Travel the more unusual path through life - it's much more rewarding

I am back safe and sound, it was a magical and emotional experience, of course you can still donate to the Charities so paypal some money now so I can personally send you a message of heartfelt gratitude ;-)

Ian - Cai’s father talks about living life with a little boy with charge syndrome

" We are on a Journey, for this journey though we will not be taking the faster and easier main road but instead the scenic mountain pass , It will be full of ups and downs, however, one thing is sure that it will be a more interesting and beautiful route to travel."
Here I am enjoying the best riding I have ever experienced in my 30 plus years of motorcycling.
I have been doing DIY around the house which is training but I must build up more and I plan to start using the bicycle to get to work. Donation have been quiet lately so please use your plastic to help the charities - I will pass all the money onto the charities

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When I saw the enduro India advertised many years ago, it became a dream and now after agreement from my wife a reality in 2011 for my up coming half century celebration. I have always loved motorcycles and adventure, modern tools make life almost too easy so there is no fun or challenge to life, I don’t reject technology because that is what has kept our son Cai (4 years old with charge syndrome) alive, but I think generally we use it too much, so to be able to ride an “old technology” motorcycle 2000 Kms across India will be the challenge that it should.
I will cover the cost and expenses of the trip myself so all of your donations will be handed over to the four very worthwhile charities - there should be something to make you feel good about giving, you can help children, animals and people who are worse off than yourselves.

What I do ask though for me as a parent of a charge child is that you read a little about charge syndrome, people who have charge face difficulties we cannot even image yet they are the most resilient, resourceful and receptive people I know and like the people of India who have so little in terms of wealth but are happier in general than we are in Europe, “chargers” make the most of the reduced senses they have!

Please Donate whatever you can for these worthy charities, all money received will be passed to the the charities - do something that will make you feel good all day today!
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Do you know what charge syndrome is ?